Federated SEOs

Many people have been setting up Mastodon accounts as an alternative to Twitter. This is a list of SEOs on federated social platforms like Mastodon that use the ActivityPub protocol. If you know of an SEO that’s not on the list (including yourself), submit it for consideration. Profiles should have an image, full name or recognizable pseudonym, descriptive bio that mentions SEO, signs of activity (posts and replies), and, ideally, a verified site. Use henshaw.social/@jon as an example.

Download and import the full list of federated SEOs

If you want to follow the entire list of federated SEOs, download this CSV file (Updated Nov 22, 2022). If you are using Mastodon, follow these importing instructions. Alternatively, you can peruse the list below, click on people that interest you, and then decide if you want to follow them one by one.

SEOs on federated social platforms

How to import followers into Mastodon

  1. Go to Account Settings and then click on Import and export.
  2. Click on Import.
  3. Ensure the import type is set to Following (that should be the default choice), and then choose the CSV you downloaded.
  4. Choose Merge to make sure you don’t remove the existing people you’re following.
  5. Click the Upload button, and that should be it.
Following list import for Mastodon
Data import page in Mastodon preferences

How to verify a site in Mastodon

  1. Go to Profile > Appearance in your settings.
  2. Copy the Verification link and add it to the page of the site you’re linking to.
  3. Return to the Profile Appearance settings page, add the link, and then click Save Changes
Profile metadata and verification settings
Settings for adding links to a Mastodon profile and verifying them

How to verify without a visible link on the page

If you don’t want or can’t have a visible link to your Mastodon profile on the page, you can add a metadata link instead. The metadata link goes in the <head> area of the HTML and isn’t visible in the browser window.

<link rel="me" href="https://coywolf.com" />

Troubleshooting site verification

If the green checkmark and background don’t appear, ensure you’ve cleared the cache on your site. Once you’ve done that, go back to the Appearance page and click the Save Changes button again.

If your site uses Cloudflare, you will need to temporarily turn off the proxy server. Cloudflare’s proxy serves your site with an IP different from your hosting provider’s. That prevents Mastodon from verifying your link. After you turn off the proxy, return to the Appearance page and click the Save Changes button. Once the green checkmark and background appear, you can return to Cloudflare and turn the proxy back on in the DNS settings.

Cloudflare DNS Proxy
Turn proxy off in Cloudflare’s DNS settings